Rose McIver Is A Zombie You Can’t Help But Root For

Rose McIver Is A Zombie You Can’t Help But Root For

What about iZombie appealed to you?

“I’ve done a couple of pilot seasons now, and you read so many scripts that kind of feel the same or feel like watered-down versions of shows that have done well the year before. Then, I read this thing that was just like anything else I had read. It was really funny and self-aware. It had a really nice combination of drama and a sense of how silly it was. I just loved it. I went in and met Rob Thomas and the gang, and it all kind of went from there.”

What’s the best part of playing Liv?

“I really like that she doesn’t look like every other girl. She still has a strong, striking look, and [hopefully] she never comes across as ugly, but she’s just not glamorous at all. That’s not a bad thing; I think it’s really refreshing on television to see a girl who can be kick-ass and independent and look like an interesting character. I think it’s a nice mix-up for me.”

Are you cool with the Veronica Mars comparisons?

“Yeah! It’s just flattering. That was a great show; Kristen Bell did such a great job. It’s so nice that we have an audience already because of that. I think people will find that there are some pretty strong departures from that show as well, but any comparisons we get I just take as flattering.”

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