iZombie 1.11 Episode Recap and Review: Astroburger

iZombie 1.11 Episode Recap and Review: Astroburger

As we rejoin our intrepid heroes this week, Major is still biding his time in the mental hospital, now waiting to play a game of chess with his new buddy, Scott E. It’s one game that Scott E.’s going to forfeit, though, as Major finds him in his bathtub with his wrists slashed. When Liv, Ravi, and Clive arrive on the scene, they determine that his death couldn’t have been a suicide, as he was rather obviously moved into the tub post-mortem.

Scott E.’s psychiatrist, Dr. Larson, reveals that Scott E. was in the hospital after having had a psychotic break brought on by witnessing the events of the Lake Washington boat party. Major adds that Scott E. sent a video of possible zombies to a friend who happens to be a local TV personality. (Three guesses as to who that might be, and the first two don’t count.) So Liv has a murder to solve and a missing video to find, so it’s time to snack on the brain of a deceased mental patient. Yeah, this is going to go well.

Speaking of things with high awkward potential, Ravi’s got a movie date with Peyton at her place. It turns into the awkward group date from hell when Major shows up. The fact that the devil on the bag of flaming hot cheesy puffs is now talking to Liv surely doesn’t help much. Major’s a little nervous about going back to his place alone, so Liv offers up the couch for the night.

Thanks to a visit from Lieutenant Suzuki, Blaine is now aware that Liv and Lowell were together and that Liv could have had a part in the attempt on his unlife. He shows up at the morgue to “check in” (and presumably check up on Liv). She seriously considers poisoning him, but quickly realizes that there’s a strong possibility that poison wouldn’t work on zombies. Since she saw Blaine’s name on a list of folks who visited Scott E.’s hospital recently, she asks him about the now missing boat party video, but Blaine denies all.

Blaine isn’t the only visitor to the morgue, however. Our old friend Johnny Frost shows up to ID Scott E.’s body. Frost says that he never received a video, but he knows where Scott E. might have stashed it. He takes Liv to Scott E.’s apartment, where they find a whole lot of pot stuffed into a speaker, but no video. What they do have now is Scott E.’s laptop, which provides them with a way to track down his missing cellphone.

Liv and Frost find the phone in the apartment of one of the orderlies from the mental hospital. It and the stolen drugs she found with it are currently inadmissible evidence. A loud stereo and a little gaming of the system take care of that rather handily, allowing Clive to arrest Jeff the Orderly. As it turns out, Dr. Larson wrote Jeff an open scrip to keep him from blabbing about the fact that she was banging Scott E. in hopes of getting pregnant (which she now is). When Liv and Clive confront her, they discover that Scott E. wanted her to get an abortion and threatened to reveal their affair, so she killed him to keep him quiet.

While all of this is going on, Major is conducting his own investigation. He goes to Scott E.’s apartment, as well, and just manages to sneak back out of it in time to avoid getting caught by Blaine and Julien. He hides away in Blaine’s trunk while the two baddies torch Scott E.’s place. When the car stops again at Meat Cute, Major has his new lead.

Back at Liv’s apartment, Major and Liv have a serious moment. They kiss, and Major wants to know why they can’t still be together. Fed up with just about everything at this point, Liv confesses to being a zombie. Major is amazingly chill about it and the two of them hug it out. Huzzah!!

Later, Johnny Frost and Liv are still hanging out while Liv ponders how to get into Scott E.’s PIN-protected phone. Frost, who has been acting a little weird all episode, reiterates what has now become his catchphrase, “63⁰F, 17⁰C.” Liv realizes that Johnny Frost was never there at all; he was just Scott E.’s brain leading her to the zombie video. She unlocks the phone and watches her newly-zombified self noshing on a brain at the edge of the lake.

Shortly thereafter, Major returns to the apartment toting an armload of Blaine’s delivery brains. As it turns out, Johnny Frost and the chip devil weren’t Liv’s only delusions this episode. Liv never really confessed her zombie-ism to Major. However, now he’s convinced that zombies exist and he’s dead set on becoming a zombie hunter. This can only end in tears, people.

Okay, we all knew something was up when Johnny Frost kept repeating the temperature, but I have to confess, I did not see that twist coming. Well done, iZombie! Having Major being a fakeout, though. That just hurt my heart (and presumably Liv’s, as well).

Speaking of Liv’s delusions, was it me, or was having the cheesy puffs devil act as her primary hallucination a little too on the nose? I was assuming that the devil that Scott E. heard would be a clue as to who killed him, and it was, but that doesn’t explain to me why Liv had a talking devil, too. It just muddied up the trail, as far as I’m concerned. What did you think?

Only two episodes left in the first season of iZombie! How do you think they’re going to wrap it up?


Best Quotes:

Ravi: “You’re not going to go all ‘single, very white female’ on me, are you?”


Major: “I’m guessing you guys aren’t going to let me watch Harvey, either.”


Things to Ponder:

  • Now that Liv has practice with telling Major the truth, do you think she’ll be able to come clean before the end of the season?
  • Blaine’s been a pretty solid Big Bad so far. Will iZombie go the Buffy route of having a different Big Bad per season, or is does Blaine have a chance of surviving the season finale?

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