iZombie 1.10 Episode Recap and Review: Mr. Berserk

iZombie 1.10 Episode Recap and Review: Mr. Berserk

Ravi finds out about Lowell’s (second) death in the worst possible way, by having the body come across his table. Liv wasn’t there at the time, but I’m not sure you can call that fortunate. Instead of being in the morgue, she’s being interrogated as a suspect in Lowell’s death. The questioning isn’t going well for her until Suzuki interrupts, saying that the gunshot residue is consistent with suicide. The ruling will be official as soon as the ME’s office (read: Ravi and Liv) sign off on it. Ravi is of the opinion that they should go along with it, as Lowell’s body is a potential biohazard and the last thing anyone needs is Blaine the Zombiemaker in an enclosed space with access to a few hundred future minions.

Because things aren’t rough enough right now, this episode’s Body of the Week isn’t Lowell, but Rebecca Hinton, the reporter who was working with Major a little while back. Liv thinks working on Rebecca’s case will help her to get back into the swing of things. What isn’t going to help her is Rebecca’s alcoholism. Yeah, this is going to go well…

Liv’s first flash is on Rebecca’s death. The report says she was killed when she walked in on someone robbing her house. The flash reveals that the robbery was just a cover-up. The perpetrator was really after Rebecca herself and used her fingerprint to unlock information stored on her phone.

When Liv looks into what might have been on the phone, she learns that Rebecca had been working on the case of Jason Frye, a college student who suddenly snapped and brought a gun to a library. Liv goes to talk to Ryan, the captain of Jason’s debate team, and the guy is a total… feminine hygiene product (and the bag it came in). Liv flashes on Rebecca having a heated argument with Ryan’s “girlfriend,” Connie.

After Liv drunkenly accosts said girlfriend, Connie shows up to the morgue willing to talk, but wanting immunity. Ryan was threatened by Jason’s debate skills, so he and his buddies got Jason rip-roaringly drunk and made him believe that he’d killed Connie. He was willing to believe it, as usually the only thing Jason ever drank was copious amounts of (wait for it) Max Rager. Two days later, Jason snapped.

The story helps Liv and Clive start deciphering Rebecca’s article notes, which lead them to discover two other people who had gone on rage sprees after drinking Max Rager. Point of Interest, guess which energy drink company sponsored Liv’s ill-fated boat party?

Liv (once again drunk) storms the Max Rager office, making Rebecca’s accusations. Clive hears about it and understandably boots her off the case. As Liv is drowning that particular sorrow, she’s approached by the bodyguard of Max Rager’s CEO, Vaughn. Sebastian Meyer claims to be Rebecca’s inside source and swears there’s another one who is in possession of a memo telling the Max Rager higher-ups about the energy drink’s psychotic side effects.

Liv notices that Rebecca religiously attends a pre-dawn pilates class. Since she now knows from experience that a perpetual hangover would have kept Rebecca from voluntarily working out that early, Liv reasons that the class is where Rebecca was meeting the other source. And who should be in that class, but Adele, Vaughn’s executive assistant. She agrees to go to the police as long as Liv swears to protect her. Adele goes to change out of her workout clothes, but never comes back out of the locker room. When Liv heads back to her car, Meyer is waiting there with a set of brass knuckles. From the ensuing snap-to-black, we can only assume that said knuckles were applied forcefully to Liv’s head.

Liv wakes up on a boat, and the first thing she sees is Adele’s body. Meyer ties Adele’s ankles to something heavy and dumps her into the lake. When he realizes that Liv is still alive, he goes all super-creepy serial killer, laying down next to her and licking the blood from her forehead (yeah, that’s going to be important later). Liv rages out, throws Meyer overboard, then runs over him with the boat. She hauls it back to dry land and pulls her act back together, giving Ravi all of her booze and telling him to go ahead and sign the form declaring Lowell’s death a suicide.

Of course, that’s not the last we’ve seen of Meyer. He washes up back on the lakeshore looking considerably paler and with a taste for hot sauce.

Back in the episode’s B plot, Clive is looking into Julien, who tells him that Major has been inexplicably stalking him. Clive tells Major point blank that the shooting never happened and warns that he could be involuntarily committed. Major decides to take that step on his own and has himself committed. Ravi isn’t happy about it and wants to read Major in, but Liv says that at least he’ll be out of Blaine’s reach and safe for two weeks if he’s in a facility.

Well, maybe not entirely safe. Major tells his story in group therapy and is approached afterwards by Scott E., who has his own zombie story to tell.

With three episodes left in the season, it looks like things on iZombie are really starting to come to a head. Personally, I’m still in mourning for Lowell, but I’m interested to see what happens if/when Major is finally in the know. (And if Major makes it through the season finale without figuring out that Liv is a zombie, I’m going to be seriously disappointed in him. It’s not like she had a subtle appearance change here!)

I feel like I might be too invested in how the zombie disease (are we at plague levels yet?) is being spread. Possibly this is because Rahul Kohli has made Ravi my favorite character on this show, or maybe because TV science makes me giggle. Regardless of which it is, I’m kind of dying to know where the initial disease came from. Is it a chemical compound that was created by mixing elements in utopium and Max Rager, or is it a virus that was deliberately placed into both substances? What do you guys think?


Best Quotes:

Vaughn: “Live to the Max!”
Julien, describing Major: “Blond prettyboy, looks like he fell out of a Nicholas Sparks movie?”


Things to Ponder:

  • Traits acquired: Alcoholism, journalistic instincts (okay, I’m putting this one here because I want to believe that iZombie is better than making alcoholism Liv’s one-trick pony for the episode.)
  • How long is it going to be before Clive gets read in, as well?

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