iZombie 1.05 Episode Recap and Review: Flight of the Living Dead

iZombie 1.05 Episode Recap and Review: Flight of the Living Dead

Another week, another body. This time, Liv and Ravi have been called to a scene out in the woods where a skydiver has been impaled on a tree branch. It’s hard to get an ID from the ground, so Liv is caught off balance when she learns that the deceased is an old sorority sister of hers, Holly Wolf. She was jumping with a group sponsored by the Max Rager energy drink, and her death looks like a pretty cut-and-dried accident, but one of her jump partners is convinced that something else was up (or down, as the case may be).

Holly was a bit of a wild child and was eventually voted out of Liv and Peyton’s sorority, but she was a good friend and Liv feels like she owes it to Holly to find out if there was more to her death than just a tragic accident. Holly’s brains become the plat du jour and Liv dives into the mystery. Her first flash is of Lowell Casey, one of the other divers and the one who was supposed to dive before Holly, freaking out in the plane. It’s not much, but it’s enough to convince Liv that she should get Clive to look into it.

Clive brings Lowell in for questioning on the QT, as Holly’s death hasn’t officially been ruled a murder yet. Lowell admits that he had issues just before the jump and asked Holly to dive first. What he can’t explain is why he disappeared for 30 minutes after his own jump. He’s confident that the dive footage will clear him, but it turns out that Max Rager had all of the footage destroyed. While Clive is out of the room, Lowell starts hitting on Liv pretty hard.

Clive and Liv question the rest of the Max Rager team at the precinct, as well. Carson, the head of the team, had a brief fling with Holly six months ago, but it’s been over for a while. That doesn’t mean that his girlfriend Eliza, one of the Max Rager execs, wasn’t still jealous, though. During Carson’s interrogation, Liv flashes on one of Holly’s memories of catching Carson in bed with one of his other teammates, a young man named Ren.

When the Lieutenant gets wind of Clive’s off-the-books investigation, he’s more than a little ticked off. He tells Clive that Homicide investigates what’s on the Homicide board, and nothing else. Fortunately, Liv turns up with a new piece of information from Holly’s autopsy. Holly died with GHB in her system. Given the timing, it would have had to have been administered while she was on the plane, so Holly’s death is now officially a murder.

Liv, Peyton, and Major all attend Holly’s wake at Carson’s home. Liv does a little exploring while she’s there and finds a pad of blank, signed prescriptions in Carson’s room. She flashes on him distributing the scrips to his teammates, meaning that anyone could have written their own prescription for the GHB. Lowell catches her snooping around, but doesn’t seem terribly interested in ratting her out. Instead, he continues flirting with her while making her a drink. A very, very spicy drink. By all the undead extras in Atlanta, Lowell is a zombie, too! He freaked out back on the plane because the adrenaline was causing him to go full-on zombie, then took the 30 minutes after his jump to come back to his humanity again. Their zombie-bonding is interrupted by Major, who is a little bummed to see Liv connecting with another guy.

Ravi discovers that the name on the fake prescription was Carson’s, but Carson insists that it isn’t his handwriting. He figures that Eliza must have written it in his name and killed Holly in order to cover up what they’d learned: Max Rager has some kind of sketchy ingredient that drives about 1 in 1000 consumers off-their-rocker crazy. Security cams at the pharmacy prove that Eliza is the one who picked up the prescription and therefore is the one who had Holly killed. Another case solved!

While the murder investigation is ongoing, Clive is looking into another matter for Major. He’s concerned that now Jerome has disappeared along with his friend. Clive asks around at the skate park and is shown a wall full of Missing Persons fliers, at least 60 of them. He takes it to the Lieutenant, but is told in no uncertain terms to drop the case. The reason becomes a little more clear once Clive leaves the office, as Suzuki immediately spikes his own drink with a whole lot of hot sauce. Guess Lowell isn’t the only new zombie in town!

Major’s own trip to the skate park takes a seriously unhappy turn. He runs into Blaine’s minion, who is still wearing Jerome’s rather distinctive shoes. The confrontation turns altercation, resulting in Major being left knocked out and bleeding on one of the ramps.

Back at the ME’s office, Lowell stops by to bring Liv a bottle of super, super hot sauce in lieu of flowers. He gives her a pretty sweet speech about finding someone to be with again and asks her out. Looks like Liv is pretty good with that idea, and I can’t say that I blame her!

It’s almost a pity that Liv loses character traits at the end of the episode, because I would love to see her be able to keep this part of her personality that she seems to have lost after getting scratched. Granted, that’d make for a pretty boring show when it comes to her personal life, but don’t we all want the best for our favorite characters? (Y’know, except for the writers over at Supernatural. Sam and Dean are only allowed one happy moment per season, contractually.)

I’m hoping that Lowell becomes a recurring character, and not just because Bradley James is rather ridiculously attractive. It looks to me like he’s being set up as the Nice Guy counterpoint to Blaine’s Evil Zombie Overlord-ness. It’s either going to be good to have non-evil zombies around to help Liv out, or it’s going to be a heck of an awesome Face-Heel Turn when he ends up being one of Blaine’s Baddies.

Same time next week, y’all!

Best Quotes:

Lt. Suzuki: “Bowls of spaghetti are my porn.” (Dude, you and me both!)


Things to Ponder:

  • Traits acquired: joie de vivre, bike skills
  • So I’m guessing Max Rager and Utopium have something undead in common, right?
  • Did Blaine turn the lieutenant, or is there a larger conspiracy at work?
  • Sounds like hot sauce is the show’s new shorthand for “I’m a zombie!” If there’s ever an episode set in Texas, we’re all in trouble.

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