iZombie 1.04 Episode Recap and Review: Live and Let Clive

iZombie 1.04 Episode Recap and Review: Live and Let Clive

This week on Lifestyles of the Undead and Fabulous

Liv brings fancy apology coffee to Major just in time to learn that his current roommate is moving out and his current relationship with Corinne is moving right along. Despite the fact that they’ve only been seeing each other for two weeks, Liv is more than a little concerned that Corinne is angling to fill that roommate void.

Of course, Liv’s worries may stem more from this week’s John Doe, a former member of the Blue Cobras and victim of a violent gang-related murder. When Clive stops by for the latest intel, he recognizes the body as Sammy Wong. Clive wants them to stay away from this case, but Liv has already had a bit of a snack this evening. She flashes on a mustachioed Clive beating up a gang member named Ray and threatening Sammy, as well. The vision leads Liv to think that Clive might be a dirty cop.

Liv goes to talk to Clive’s old partner back in Vice. Her chat with Devore doesn’t exactly ease Liv’s mind. Devore isn’t a fan of Clive’s anymore and says that he got a little too close to his CIs, if you know what I mean.

According to Liv’s vision, Ray worked at Hong Kong video, so she and Ravi head out that way to check it out. Once inside, Liv flashes on a vision of the leader of the Blue Cobras, AJ, having someone tortured with wasabi. Liv comes out of it just in time to be confronted by AJ himself, who is definitely not buying her rather flimsy excuse for being in the store. She and Ravi back away quickly, but still catch a glimpse of Clive pulling up to the curb.

A bit later, Clive is waiting to talk to Liv back at her place. He still wants her off the case, and reveals that Sammy was in WitSec in another state, but had come back to visit his dying mom. Admirable, but a really, really bad idea, as it turns out.

At the precinct, Liv flashes on Sammy’s boot party. She hears him saying that Ray is a cop and realizes what’s been going on this whole time. Clive and Ray were deep undercover, and now Sammy has burned Ray. Liv gets the intel to Clive, who’s able to muster Vice to take down most of the Cobras. In fact, they only miss one. AJ shows up at Liv’s place, believing that she’s a cop, as well. Fortunately for Liv, Sammy’s paranoia isn’t the only thing she inherited from his brain. As she so aptly put it, she knows kung fu. Liv beats the living tar out of AJ and turns him over to Clive. Case solved and various crises averted!

Back over on the personal side of things, Liv has a plan for keeping Corinne from moving in with Major (no matter how early that may be). Ravi’s living situation isn’t exactly ideal right now, and Major is actively looking for a roommate, so Liv schemes a bit to get Ravi into Major’s extra room. It’s not going well until the boys bond over high-tech TVs and Diablo III, at which point it just becomes a bromance made in heaven. Liv is a little surprised that Ravi is willing to go along with it, since he’s pretty anti-lease and Major is very by-the-book. Ravi tells Liv that Major is cool without having a lease because he thinks Liv’s scheming is a signal that she isn’t ready to let him go yet.

And finally, in the brief-but-crucial B plot, Blaine is building his little zombie culinary empire, running it out of a butcher shop named “Meat Cute.” A couple of his minions get a little ahead of themselves and try to get a cut of the business, but they’re better at eating brains than they are at using them. Their first customer target is Blaine’s cougar, Jackie, who of course rats them out. Blaine takes care of the two of them and literally defrosts two new minions. The new minions’ first job? Help prep poor, dead Jerome from last episode for his own debut in the Meals on Wheels program. RIP Jerome and your awesome shoes.

Another fun episode. It looks like Major has had a little time to reconsider throwing Liv out of his house last week, as he’s now okay with Liv’s considerably more subtle “signals.” I can’t wait to watch his friendship with Ravi unfold, and it’ll be interesting to see if Ravi gets sucked into the middle of Liv’s relationship drama. Maybe he’ll be able to run interference, instead. Here’s hoping!

See you all next week!

Best Quotes:

Blaine: “Brains are for closers!”

Liv: “I could pretty much take out Batman with a spiral notebook and a student ID card.”


Things to Ponder:

  • Traits acquired: paranoia, martial arts
  • Brain foods: Brain-kale smoothie, brains and rice, gray cerebellum ala Grenoble, brain gnocchi in fra diavolo
  • Utopium seems to be the “Bad Wolf” of this season of iZombie. It’s mentioned in every episode, sometimes more subtly than others.
  • Said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again. Ravi and Major both knowing what a holodeck is kind of turns me on.

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