iZombie 1.03 Episode Recap and Review: The Exterminator

iZombie 1.03 Episode Recap and Review: The Exterminator

Ravi’s Google alert for “Seattle zombie” has done what few of my Google alerts ever do: yielded usable results! A couple of kids have flaunted every cold open trope ever and managed to not get killed after stumbling across a zombie late at night in a deserted industrial area. Ravi sees their pics and convinces Liv that they need to investigate.

But first, it’s a couple hours past lunchtime for Liv. The newest addition to Café Morgue is Marvin Webster, a seemingly mild-mannered hit-and-run victim. Suburban husband on Wheat Thins doesn’t compare to last week’s pizza rolls, but it seems to work for Liv.

Back at the house, Peyton has Liv help her prep for the trial that could launch her career. Wally Walker, a tech genius, was murdered by a homeless drifter, whom Peyton is now prosecuting. While Liv is helping her bestie prep her cross, she flashes on Walker’s actual death. The drifter didn’t kill Walker; Marvin Webster did.

When Liv takes the intel to Clive, he’s not exactly willing to potentially throw his career away just on the say-so of the “morgue medium,” and who can blame him? Well, according to Marvin’s stellar personality traits, evidently Liv can blame him. And does. She meanly tells him to man up and do the right thing, which leads her to realize that Marvin Webster was a sociopath. Also, a man weirdly obsessed with trivia, which in and of itself never really comes in handy this episode, but I sure did learn a lot.

The lack of empathy certainly helps Liv out, though, as she gets two bombs dropped on her in pretty rapid succession. Bomb 1: Major is definitely seeing someone new, as there’s a Facebook video of him kissing another woman over a game of Jenga. Bomb 2: The zombie in the picture is Liv’s old colleague, Marcie. After being trapped in a hole for several months, Marcie has gone full on Walking Dead with no sign that she has any real cognitive function left at all. Ravi, hoping that Marcie’s condition could be reversible, has brought a supply of brains to throw down into the hole. He does, and the two leave Marcie to munch and hopefully find her own way back to the land of the unliving again.

While they wait, Liv has taken a peek at Peyton’s confidential files on the Wally Walker case. She learns that Walker had some pretty stuff gambling debts with Frank Smith, an ex-cop who happens to be the bookie for half the Seattle Police Department. Smith stonewalls the duo hard, but they happen to be in Smith’s bar on Trivia Tuesday. A quick look-see shows Marvin in a trivia winner’s selfie shot, placing him in the bar with Walker on the same night that Walker was killed. An investigation of Marvin’s basement uncovers the murder weapon, while another vision gives Liv some crucial intel on the car that killed him. Definitely enough evidence to take to Clive’s boss. The innocent drifter gets to go free, but Peyton is more than a little pissed that Liv could just derail her career without even seeming to care.

As it turns out, the car was sold the day before it was used in Marvin’s hit-and-run. The previous owner recognized the seller as Don Watts, the primary investor in Walker’s burgeoning company. Don is an arrogant, extremely entitled jerk. Clive and Liv are able to determine that Walker was about to sell his company for quick cash to pay off his gambling debts, which would have left Watts with far less profit than if he waited for the company to go public. Regardless, they don’t have any actual proof that Watts ever met with Marvin, much less killed him. Fortunately, Clive and Liv are able to pull a lead from the GPS in Marvin’s car, and Liv flashes on the meeting itself. Marvin was pushing for more money from Watts. No one who usually frequents that area remembers anything about the two men, but Liv saw a sanitation worker interrupt the meeting.

While Clive is pulling together a game plan, Liv and Ravi head back to the lake to see what’s become of Marcie. It’s a good thing that Liv is still emotionless, because Marcie hasn’t gotten any better. It seems as though she’s gone permanently Romero. Liv says that they need to put Marcie down before she gets out and hurts anyone, but Ravi doesn’t want to. The choice is taken from him when he falls in while trying to get a sample from Marcie. It takes Liv a second to overcome Marvin’s utter lack of empathy, but she does and jumps in to save Ravi just in the nick of time.

Back at the precinct, Clive has brought Watts back in for another round of questioning, using the intel that Liv has flashed on. The team manages to trick him into confessing by having Ravi hang out in the sanitation worker’s uniform, making Watt’s believe that the police have a reliable witness. Peyton is able to get her conviction, which puts Liv back in her good graces.

Liv realizes that it’s time to let go of the emotionlessness that’s become rather comfortable over the last few days, but that means that everything she’s felt about both Major and Marcie has to come back to the fore. It’s not a pleasant evening for her.

But Liv isn’t the only one who’s almost certainly about to have a bad night. Jordan, a kid who lives at the shelter where Major works, is out at the local skate park, looking for his missing roommate. He runs into Blaine, who assures the kid that his roomie is at a house party that’s just right this way. Y’all, we are never seeing Jordan breathing and with dark hair again. It’s worth noting that Jordan’s roommate had started avoiding the skate park due to the presence of the “Candy Man,” a creepy dude who was handing out Utopium from his unmarked white van. I don’t know if Candy Man was Blaine or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Oh, this show just keeps getting better. In general, I’m not one for a “murder of the week” kind of show (Castle being my exception, because hey, Nathan Fillion), but the season-long arc of iZombie is getting more and more intriguing. I’m still not heavily invested in the Liv/Major story, but I’m dying to know if Blaine is actually behind the upcoming zombie outbreak. It’s been made pretty clear that Utopium is the source and that Blaine’s been fiddling with the recipe. What’s his endgame here, and did he mean to get zombified himself, or has that thrown a wrench in his plans?

See you guys next week!


Best Quotes:

Ravi: “I set up a Google alert for the search term ‘Seattle zombie.’”

Liv: “Me too! No… I signed up for Z-Date.”


Liv: “Are you okay with me naming our trivia team ‘Piggy and the Brain’?”


Things to Ponder:

  • Traits acquired: sociopathic tendencies, extensive knowledge of trivia
  • If one of Major’s shelter kids is almost certainly about to be zombified, how long before Major is in on the secret?
  • Where can I get any or all of Peyton’s suits? And Ravi’s Oxygen-Magnesium tee?

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