iZombie 1.02 Episode Recap and Review: Brother, Can You Spare A Brain

iZombie 1.02 Episode Recap and Review: Brother, Can You Spare A Brain

A new iZombie means a new Murder of the Week! This week, our murder victim/afternoon snack is Javier Abano, a prolific local artist who’s known for his colorful nudes and his affairs with his models. He’s found by his wife, Lola, and his best friend/art dealer, Artie (you’d think he would have started going by “Arthur” when he got into the art business, but no). When our heroes arrive on scene, we’re told that Javier was between 6 and 7 pm by having a paintbrush driven into his eye. (Yes, I made the “he had an eye for art” joke. No, I don’t regret it.) Detective Babineaux is rather convinced that Lola was the one responsible. After all, it’s always the wife.

Further supporting Clive’s claim is Liv’s post-snack vision of Javier having an affair and being discovered by someone off-screen. When Babs and Liv go to talk to Lola about it, Javier’s mistress is already there. Lola introduces her as Tasha, her “favorite of Javier’s lovers.” Javier and Lola had an open marriage and she was well aware of his other lovers. This puts a bit of a dent in the spouse theory. Besides, Ravi discovers that the angle of the paintbrush would put Javier’s killer at around 6’2. While Tasha is rather tall, Lola is right at Liv’s height.

Artie, however, is right at 6’2, intensely loyal to Lola, and her alibi for the evening, as they were at dinner together when the murder happened. He points Babs towards the slew of angry ex-boyfriends of Javier’s various models. It sounds like a good lead, especially when another vision shows that the person walking in on Tasha and Javier was Tasha’s ex, Tito. They bring Tito in for an interview, during which Liv is flirting HARD. Tito tells them that Javier dumped Tasha for Becca, Artie’s 18-year-old daughter.

Babs takes Liv and Ravi to Javier’s posthumous art showing/wake in order to see if Liv flashes on anything. An almost violent encounter with Tito in Javier’s private studio leads Liv to a vision of Javier and Becca having an ultrasound. Javier was going to leave Lola in order to start a family with the pregnant Becca. Liv is calling Artie out on it when Ravi realizes something that should probably have been noticed by the crime scene experts from the get-go: Javier’s killer could have been standing on the stoop, which would bring someone about Liv’s height up to 6’2. Babs was right the whole time. The wife DID do it!

While all this is happening on the A story, Liv’s personal life is not unaffected by her new passion for art and for life. She takes up painting and starts listening to a jazz cd that Major made for her many moons ago. Her “passion without reason” leads her back to Major’s place later in the evening after the wake. She confesses that she’s missed him terribly and kisses him, but he’s not onboard with this sudden 180. Major kicks her out, leaving her to deal with her emotions on her own.

Over in the B story, Liv and Ravi have been trying to track down the zombie that Liv flashed on at the end of the last episode. Ravi has Liv sit with a sketch artist, but her new talent for art lets her create a better likeness on her own. The sketch brings Blaine right to their door. When he learns that he’s responsible for Liv’s state, he’s super apologetic, saying that being zombified has given him a new outlook. He’s gone straight, stopped dealing, and cut the poisonous people out of his life.

Well, that’s what he SAYS, anyway. Not long after meeting with Liv and Ravi, Blaine goes out to a bar, picks up a rich cougar, and turns her into a zombie, as well. Not exactly on the straight and narrow, there. He returns to the morgue the next day to ask Liv if she could share her brain supply, since grave-robbing isn’t exactly the easy way to get a meal. Live still doesn’t trust him, but nevertheless agrees to meet him later with what he needs.

She changes her mind when she catches him in the alley with his former drug-dealing associates. The meeting is more an intimidation attempt, but that’s not the way it looks to Liv. She splits, and thus misses Blaine going full Romero on his old buddies in the confines of their car. The next we see Blaine, he’s taking thug brains to his new zombie friend and charging her $25,000 a month for her own personal version of Meals on Wheels. Looks like Blaine has a new business model in mind.

Two episodes in, and iZombie hasn’t missed yet. The pacing of this show is fantastic, and I love watching the way Liv’s new, temporary personality traits affect her relationships with the people around her. You’d think Peyton would have been happy to see Liv taking an interest in art, though. She seemed more irritated than encouraging, I think.

It looks like Blaine is more involved with the zombie outbreak than we thought. In the last two episodes, the writers have already dropped a few hints that the zombification is tied to the utopium. Now Blaine’s former associates were saying that he might have spiked the drug with something a little more lethal. I’ll be interested to see how this overarching plot unfolds throughout the season. We’ve already heard from the writers that the zombie outbreak is iZombie’s version of Veronica Mars’ Lily Kane murder. Do you think we’ll have a solid answer by the end of the season, or is this going to be a series-long mystery?

Best Quote:

Blaine: “I have no idea where you got this, but it’s totally my new profile pic.”

Blaine: “First rule of brain club, you don’t talk about brain club.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Traits acquired: drawing, painting, extremely flowery prose, artistic vision, general “I’d hit all of that” attitude
  • Let’s do the math, shall we? $25,000/month x 12 months = $300,000. And that’s just on food! Exactly how much do “trend-spotters” make and how do I get in on this gig?

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